Scale, Speed, and the best success rate in the industry

Appointment Setting


Cold calling isn’t easy, but to meet your sales goals you need people hitting the phones and building the top of the pipeline every day. Your sales team is more productive when they are focused on nurturing relationships and closing deals. SALE ROUTES’s highly professional, scalable team helps you jump-start sales cycles by tracking down and engaging your prospects’ execu-tives.


We’ve set more than 300,000 appointments to-date and 55% of our secured meetings are con-verted into second sales activities. That’s a success rate 35% higher than the industry average, and it translates to approximately $10 million in pipeline each day. We’re proud that we’re able to consistently make successful introductions into accounts that seemed impenetrable.


What It Is? How It Works?


We’ve got the contacts, manpower, and skills to get you the meetings that make a real differ-ence:


  • FLEXIBILITY, SCALABILITY, AND MORE PRODUCTIVITY – With almost 350 reps, each making 175+ calls per day; we connect with thousands of decision makers every single day. Our re-sources are perfectly equipped to handle whatever volume you need and still deliver stellar results fast.

  • EXPERIENCED SALES REPS – Each of our Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) is an experienced professional who knows how to communicate the complex value propositions and messaging associated with high-tech products.

  • SERIOUS PARTNERSHIP SKILLS – Field Sales Reps are our biggest fans. We have sales in our company DNA. We know how to provide frictionless support that works for everyone; it’s ac-tually part of our training. So far, we’ve made more than 18,000 outside reps very, very hap-py.

  • AN UNRIVALED DATABASE – We built our contact database from the ground up and maintain it with constant, real-time updates. We have hundreds of thousands of active IT connections, as well as key line-of- business contacts in corporate, hospitals, government agencies, and schools. Whether you’re looking for enterprise, mid-market, or specialty markets, we connect you.


Why It Matters?


  • Achieve & exceed your sales and pipeline goals, fast.

  • Get quick, repeated access to the executives who can make a difference for your business.

  • Break into tough-to-crack accounts