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SALE ROUTES Strategic Data: The Best Education Data Available

SALE ROUTES Strategic Data has the most accurate education data available!
You get the best results when you use the best sources. SALE ROUTES has the best school market data, the most comprehensive resources, and the foremost services available.

SALE ROUTES Monitor Service

A solution never before available to education marketers.

  • Only SALE ROUTES has new names your current data provider can’t provide.

  • Only SALE ROUTES verifies millions of names, job functions, and email addresses every month.

  • Only SALE ROUTES can provide new names within 30 days of their appearance on a school website.

  • Only SALE ROUTES can suppress the names no longer at the institution within 30 days of their absence from a school’s website.

Increase response rates, build better lead generation programs, create more targeted communications, and reach contacts your current data provider doesn’t have.


SALE ROUTE’s investment in technology and innovation has produced a K-12 education database that is unparalleled in the industry. With the introduction of Monitor Service, we have the freshest and most accurate names available and teacher names no other compiler can provide. Every month millions of names, job functions, and email addresses are researched, verified, updated, or deleted. The result of this game-changing compilation method is that our database is updated 12 times a year—near real time.

Administrative Personnesls:

  • Superintendent

  • Assistant/Deputy Superintendent

  • Principal/Dean

  • Assistant Principal

Technology & SIS Heads:


  • Technology: VP, Director, Coordinator, Specialist, Facilitator

  • Director, Coordinator, Administrator: SIS

Curriculum Personnels:

  • Academic & Curriculum: Chief, Director, Coordinator, Specialist

  • CTE: Director & Teacher

  • Staff Developer (K-12)

  • Teacher/Faculty (PK-12, Higher Ed)

  • Librarian/Media Specialist.

Executive Management:

  • Title: Chief, Vice President, Director and Manager

  • Function: HR, Recruitment, Student Services, Financial, Accounting, Operations, Facilities, Business and Office

Data Fields: Contact Name, Address, Phone, E-mail and Annual Technology Plan.